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Somewhere out on the prairie in the state of Wyoming....two magnificent felines have joined the ranks of many a human.....Surfin' the 'Net!

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New Addition! Recently added to the Jamison clan is Dickens ..Only 2 months old, a fiesty young female sure to give Killer a run for her money. Since Nefertite passed on, Killer has thought herself queen of the household. Watch out Killer! looks as if they will be good friends, they are still getting used to each other. Watch for updates on Dickens...Photos coming soon!
And now, the Queen herself....
Killer I am 5 (?) years old and female..Like my older companion, my owners have estimated my age. They say I looked like I was about 6 months old when I entered the household (1992). I decided I wanted to join their family when they (my owners) were visiting friends in Story, WY. I just showed them how loveable and friendly I was, they couildn't resist! I had also heard through the grapevine that they were looking for a companion for their current cat! Far Out... I thought! Boy, did I get a welcome from her when they brought me home! She is warming up though....It has been 4 years and time has a way.... You may wonder why I have the name I do. Well, they didn't want to give me just any name, and getting the right one turned out to be a long task. After a few weeks and a few hunting expeditions of my own, they gave me my name! I would bring home as a trophy all of my kills...from grasshoppers to bats...some of them were not even dead yet! I follow the old saying... "Curiosity Killed the Cat, Satisfaction Brought him Back!"

Hobbies: Eating! Chasing robins, squirrels...any thing that moves! Skulking in the garden. Napping on the front porch. Rolling on my back. Country Music. Drinking from the bathtub faucet (I learned that from Nefertite)

Pet Peeves: Dry Cat Food (yuk!) The Vet (need I say more?) Mad robins (okay, so I killed one of their own, isn't that the way it is supposed to work?). Heavy Metal.
Who, me?
Who, me?

The Killer Roll
I love to roll!

Now, rub me!
Rub My Belly!

In Loving Memory
Nefertite Jamison
(1982est - March 8, 1997)

The Queen & Her Throne

With love you came into my life...with love you departed...
You were my best angel.
Through lean times to rich harvests you were my anchor.
Laughter and joy embodied our friendship.
Trust and loyalty solidified it.
Rest in peace and joy...
May you frolick through heavenly fields brimming with catnip, butterflies, and wildflowers!

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